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Carrickalinga & Region News – not what you’d expect

Carrickalinga, Normanville and Yankallia is a beautiful little hamlet and therefore is worthy of some commentary and community voice.

Yankallia District News

Coming soon to educate, update, warn, poke-fun and make laugh. Stay tuned.

Sorrow & Disappointment

Sorrow and disappointment follow in the wake of decit and subterfuge. The way of the transgressor is hard. “No good thing will be withheld from him who walks uprightly”

Family Beach House

Can choose your friends but not your family. 47 year family legacy lost to greed. House now tainted so wait and see on next Carrickalinga chapter.

Shark Sighting

Elusive land based shark living in the area. Circling the community that is unaware of the dangers. Has already attacked one family.


Gradually lost since 2020 Backbone. Honour. Integrity. Fairness. If found please try and give back to N.W.

2021 Mouse Cup

Back by popular demand the 2021 Mouse Cup is shaping up to be the social event of the year! All guests are encouraged to don their best racing attire, facinators and all for the race that stops Yankalilla! Get your syndicates together and join in on the fun of the…

Petulant Child

Found but not wanted back. Aged in 40’s. Tantrums if not get his own way. Blames others. Bullies elderly. Jekyll and Hyde.

Wave goodbye

The stranded wave generator at Carrickalinga to be removed and sunk, creating a new artificial reef. The partial removal will be carried out in two stages, with works expected to begin in early 2020 and full completion anticipated by mid-2020! “This is a real win-win for the community as we…